These negatives were acquired some years ago from an estate sale in Nashville, TN. The purchasers knew they had something unique due to the sheer quantity and descriptions which were on the film sleeves. At this time the only way to process a negative was through a film developer... unless you had your own dark room. Scanners were just starting to appear on the market, but the quality and cost did not justify the means at the time. A few were taken to a local shop and processed out of curiosity. But to have the thousands of negatives developed at the time was cost prohibitive. So the negatives sat stored and untouched until October of 2017 at which time the scanning process began.


Currently only a very small percentage of the images have been added to the gallery. From 1919 to 1966 close to 4,000 negatives have been scanned, with just over 500 having been added to this site so far. More sub-galleries as well as additional images from this current time frame will be added as time allows.


The first step taken was to organize the sleeves by date... when possible. They were then grouped into alphabetical order. Not all sleeves had a date on them so they became their own group. Once the sleeves were broken down by the time period, each sleeve description was recorded. At this point the scanning began, starting with 1919.


Each image has been given the description from the current sleeve it originated from. A sleeve could contain one negative or 20+ negatives with just the one sleeve description. Unfortunately over the years a few negatives were not placed back into their original sleeve, so the description or time frame may not match. The sleeve descriptions also contain a few words that would not be proper or politically correct in today's environment, but are a part of the description as recorded.