Indian Squaw with Papoose Cherokee Reservation Indian Squaw with Papoose Cherokee Reservation



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Myself Chief and Princess first visit 1937-013

Princess and Chief on cabin porch - My first visit 1937-015

Chief and princess on bench at their house 1937-026

Chief and Princess on their office porch 1937-028

Chief Eagle Feathers in front of Tepee 'Lonliness' 1937-030

Chief standing Princess sitting in front of tepee 1937-034

Princess and Laddie-Boy at crooked tree 1937-058

Princess and Laddie-Boy at crooked tree 1937-059

Princess dipping water 1937-063

Princess dipping water - Mural at Burks 1937-065

Princess dipping water, beating Tom-Tom; with cats and etc, 1937-070

Princess in costume cooking over pot 1937-076

Princess in front of tepee Mothers dress on - Soured on the World 1937-080

Princess with her dog Spotty painting tom-tom front of tepee 1937-095

Chief; Princess Myself at birthday dinner 1937-130

Chiefs 85th birthday dinner crowd Birthday July 31 1937-131

Chief Eagle Feather 1937-165

Chief Eagle Feather 1937-168

Chief Eagle Feather 1937-172

Chief Eagle Feather 1937-174

Princess Silver Heels 1937-175

Chief full regaila Head shoulders 1938-255

Princess with her baby on her back 1938-271

Side-face view of Chief 1938-273

Chief and Princess together regealia over-exposed 1940-013

Chief Eagle-Feather head shot 1940-015

Princess Silver-Heels sitting on stump badly over-exposed 1940-037

Chief Eagle Feather standing beating tom-tom held in air 1940-051

Chief Eagle-Feather sitting in chair 1940-057

Chief Eagle Feather head-shot 1942-167

Head shot of Chief 1942-170

Chief Eagle Feather 1942-204

Little Iindian boy and girl Cherokee Reservation 1948-015

Old Indian Cherokee Reservation 1948-021

Old Indian Cherokee Reservation 1948-022

Old Indian - Grannie 1948-032

Old Indian - Grannie 1948-033

Indian Squaw with Papoose Cherokee Reservation 1948-049

Indian Squaw with Papoose Cherokee Reservation 1948-050

Jacob Young-Deer My Cherokee Uncle 1948-051

Jacob Young-Deer My Cherokee Uncle in front of cabin 1948-053

My Cherokee Aunt in front of cabin Cherokee Reservation 1948-055